Primitive TV Cabinet

We have had several customers ask for a Primitive Cupboard to hold their flat screen tv's. The cupboard shown was constructed for a customer -at their request -with the specific measurements they needed to hold their flat screen tv . The bottom section will hold miscellaneous items such as dvd's, remote controls etc. Because each cupboard would be made to the measurements of each customers need, please contact us with information, such as the size of your TV etc. As per our customer, the top section does not have a back on it which makes for easy access to place the tv. The section on the bottom does have a back as well as a shelf inside. There are many options that we can adjust to accommodate this cabinet for your entertainment needs. There is no price listed for this piece due to the fact that each cupboard may need to be different in height, width, depth etc. We will be able to give you a price after we have all information we need such as size of the equipment, etc.







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