Downstairs - Mustard Room
The Mustard Room
Our Mustard Room (named for the wall color) features a "Taste of New England"

Look what we got on a trip to Vermont!
Our Mustard Room features many of the great items we have found during our many trips to the New England area, especially Vermont.

On our last trip, we found this beautiful antique stove. It's the perfect place to display our Green Mountain Coffee products.

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Our antique stove serves up our coffee display
Take a look in the Hoosier Cupboard
The cupboard is full of preserves like jams and jellies. Pumpkin Butter, Old Fashioned Apple butter. Canned goods like Chow-Chow, Pickled Baby Corn, Bread & Butter Pickles, etc. Our new line of mixes from Rabbit Creek, like their delicious Chicken Noodle Soup, or scone and muffin mixes also fill our shelves.
The Hoosier Cupboard
On the other side of the room...
are more speciality food items filling our cupboard, like Maple Cream Cookies, Vermont Common and Cheddar Crackers.   Pure maple syrups made right here in Pennsylvania, along with Blueberry, Strawberry and other flavored syrups! 
On the other side of the room
Did somebody say candles?
We carry a full line of McCall's Country Canning Candles in our Candle Corner, located right beside the Mustard Room.

Our Candle Corner
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